In opdenergy, we offer several opportunities to collaborate with us.
Project developers, land owners, local communities, equipment suppliers and investors share interests with opdenergy. All suggestions or cooperation proposals will be assessed in a transparent and honest way to try to reach a mutually beneficial deal.


If you are a developer, opdenergy can either take the project over or co-develop it together until it is ready for construction.
We have successful experience in this kind of deals in all the countries where the company operates, and we are always ready to work with new collaborators.

Building owners and tenants

If you are a land owner, we can study the possibilities of developing a wind or solar energy project. In opdenergy we are constantly looking for locations to develop our projects, we try to transform land with low utilization into a source of long term income for its owners.


opdenergy carries out activities in the local communities it shares interests with. From opdenergy, we are committed to cooperate with local communities when developing renewable energy projects.

We take over renewable energy projects

In any stage of development