La Fernandina

Mérida, Badajoz (España)

Opdenergy has started the operation of a new photovoltaic project in Merida, Badajoz. The plant has a power of 50 MW and occupies a land area of 111 hectares.

Solar power
Solar power

Scope of the project

49.8 Peak Power (MW)
45.8 Rated Power in POC (MW)
111 Area (ha)
2019 Connection date (COD)


Technical information


  • Manufacturer: Risen
  • Model: RSM72-6-370M
  • Number of modules: 134,820


  • Manufacturer: Gamesa
  • Model: GAMESA E - 2.5MVA-SB-I
  • Max. power in inverters 25ºC (kVA): 46,800


  • Manufacturer: PV Hardware
  • Model: ML3H 90 / ML3H 60
  • Configuration: 3H

360º view